About Us

Why live an ordinary life?  Why not reach for your dreams and make them a reality?  Only you can choose to change or improve the quality of your life.  Life Supercharger was created as a resource to help those who are determined to lead extraordinary lives.  Our mission is to provide tips, ideas, strategies, and inspiration to help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Inside each of us lies tremendous, almost unlimited potential.  Not tapping into potential is like having a winning lottery ticket and throwing it away.  Our goal is to help you fulfill your potential so you can achieve your ultimate life vision.

About John Liu, Founder of Life Supercharger

I started this blog as an outlet for my desire to help others achieve personal success and lead extraordinary lives.  I am committed to maximizing and fulfilling my life potential, and this project aims to help like-minded individuals do the same.  Being a better person each successive day and treating challenges as learning opportunities are part of my personal philosophy of constant and continual self-improvement.  I am the son of a military man, which gave me the opportunity to attend twelve different schools during K-12.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Cal Poly Pomona and MBA from the University of Southern California.  I am an avid dog lover, photographer, and family man.